Eachna's Path to Turning Paladin-hood

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Eachna's Path to Turning Paladin-hood

Eachna on Orien is my "main" DDO toon. She's also the first character I played. I'm very slowly working my way through earning the past lives that I feel will help her be an effective "turning" and healing Paladin. I want her to be able to nuke undead and do backup raid healing. I hope to make her at least as effective as a bardic healer, mostly by using scrolls. For DPS, I intend for her to be a two weapon fighter.

Turning Paladin Notes

Boosts to turning undead:

  • 3x Cleric passive past lives.
  • 2 cleric splash (for Radiant servant enhancement tree to pick up Mighty Turning)
  • 2nd level Cleric Domain: Undead

Racial Notes:

  • Sun Elf: "Bane of Undead" enhancement: +2/4/6 to Turning Class Level
  • Aasamir deity: Aureon's Instruction: +4 to maximum Hit Dice affected, and +4 to the total Hit Dice affected by Turn Undead

Sun Elf with the full enhancements has a +2 Turn Level advantage over Aureon's Instruction but a -4 disadvantage on Max HD turnable.

While I came to this idea on my own (this idea being "turn undead with a paladin instead of a cleric") I knew I couldn't be te only person to have thought of it. I was right. The DDO user Tilomere did their own write-up. Simple Reaper Paladin

Tilomere's Turning Breakdown

This [turning] is why you splash the 2 cleric - death domain.

When you turn undead, you make a turning power check that has to double the turning resistance of the mob to destroy it. If you tie or exceed the turning resistance but do not double it, mobs are paralyzed instead. Past low levels, it is impossible to double the turning resistance of mobs, and a pure paladin can only paralyze them at best.

There is a radiant servant tier 2 enhancement: Mighty Turning. It destroys undead only mobs on top of paralyzing them when you tie or exceed the mobs turning resistance. So a cleric splash means you don't have to double the turning resistance, merely tie it or better.

Higher turning resistance mobs have resistance roughly equal to the CR x 1.5. This gives a turning resistance of 30 for Necropolis IV Temple of Vol on elite (a level 16 quest on elite with CR 20 undead). This means we want a turning power of ~2xdungeon level for the stronger undead.

Turning power is the sum of:

  • All Cleric Levels
  • Paladin levels starting at paladin level 4
  • Cleric Past lives (6)(2 each)
  • Seek Eternal Rest Lvl 2 cleric Lvl 1 Pali spell (4)
  • Eternal Faith item from cannith crafting (4)
  • Death Domain (2)
  • Improved Turning Radiant Servant Enhancement (3)
  • Improved Turning Knight of the Chalice Enhancement (3)
  • Mighty Turning RS (1)
  • Having High Charisma (~3)
  • Mighty Turning Feat (1)
  • Insightful Turning (level 10 ravenloft item) (2)

This gives a heroic max turning power of up to 29 + Level effect. Without past lives, ravenloft item, or Mighty Turning feat, this is 20 + level effect. At character level 14 (2 cleric 1 warlock 11 paladin) for full reaper XP in Necro IV, level effect adds +10. This is 30 total turning power, which ties or exceeds turning resistance, so will destroy even tougher undead in Necro IV. There is no saving throw for the effect, although some named and special quest mobs and deathblocked champions are immune to the destroy and are merely paralyzed, some champions are also immune to paralyze, and bosses are immune to both paralyze and destroy.

Elementals are difficult to turn, and require up to date gear/past lives/enhancement mighty turning (which apparently works on them).

Your turning power and charisma also determine the amount of undead turned. But this just works itself out on a cleric/paladin max charisma build.

Turn undead number of charges per shrine are based on charisma.

Eachna's TR Record

For her fighter lives I played her as "paladin-like" using EllisDee's Kensai Warpriest. This let me keep my play style as well as giving me a head start on collecting cleric gear.

After her first six lives I went back to paladin. At the time I thought I was done with her and I would just farm epic xp and raid with her. Then I decided I wanted to make her a Turning/healing paladin, and I TR'ed her again. Because she already had three paladin lives I took the Half Elf Racial life for her seventh reincarnation.

Heroic Lives:

  1. Paladin
  2. Paladin
  3. Paladin
  4. Fighter
  5. Fighter
  6. Fighter
  7. Wizard

Epic Lives:

  1. Divine - Power Over Life and Death
  2. Martial - Doublestrike

Racial Lives:

  1. Half-Elf Racial

Life Eight: Wizard

2019 Update:

I returned to the game after a long break and decided I needed to TR at least one of my epic toons. Eachna was the one in the best position. I found two heroic Otto's Boxes in my bank. A friend had given them to me ages ago and so I used one to level her to 16 as a Pale Trapper.

For the long term success of the build, having a Wizard life will probably be wasted time. However, I want to prepare her for a run of three Cleric lives, and having the Wizard past life is *very* useful in that situation. 10 magic missiles a rest is a game-changer for a very low-level cleric, and the boost to casting DC's is very nice (it makes up for starting with a 16 Wisdom when splashing Rogue)

Once Eachna reaches 20, I'll immediately immediately reincarnate as a Cleric.

Scratching around in her gear, I was able to fill most of her gear slots. She seems to be missing the Troubleshooter's trapping necklace from Korthos, and she didn't have robes. I crafted up quick heroic blue dragon robes, and while I was in Gianthold I upgraded her Ventilated Braces. I also bought a pair of Gnoll Hide Gloves in the auction house for plat.

Rummaging around in my cleric Geria's bank, I was able to grab level 14 spell sticks (Geria is also doing a Pale Trapper life and has a full set of arcane gea). I found a heroic elite Madstone Skull on a bank mule that I could give Eachna. After a bit of spell inscribing I was ready to go.

  • Trinket: Purple Ioun Stone
  • Head: Halcyonia (yellow slot: +4 Intelligence)
  • Cloak: Cloak of Invisibility (green slot: Resistance +3)
  • Gloves: Gnoll Hide Gloves (yellow slot: empty colorless slot: Dexterity +4)
  • Bracers: upgraded Ventilated Bracers
  • Boots: heroic hard Boots of Falling Shadow
  • Neck: Nightforge Gorget (yellow slot: Blindness immunity)
  • Ring 1: Ring of Balance (green slot: Defense +6)
  • Ring 2: cannith crafted ml: 13 Feather Falling Ring of Greater False Life (colorless slot: Master's Gift)
  • Belt: Smoke hit point Greensteel
  • Goggles: Tharne's Goggles
  • Armor: heroic blue dragonscale robes.

Spell sticks: +3 ML: 14 Corrosion of Acid Lore // heroic elite Madstone Skull (purple slot: Glaciation 66, yellow slot: Enchantment +1)

I have to go through and farm up all her bag and bank favor. Once I'm done with this I can work out how much XP I need to burn and turn to Cleric at 20.

Life Nine: First Cleric

Gear to Farm:

  • Troubleshooter's Necklace & Boots - DONE.
  • Crystalline Club - DONE.
  • Token of the Faithful - DONE.

I'll make her a trapping cleric since she has all her trapping goggles and gloves and a full set of +4 trapping skill stat tomes. A trapping cleric will let me solo a big chunk of the level 1-19 content at least to heroic elite and then group up and heal/nuke in Reaper 1.

Starting Attributes:

Adjusted for her tomes

  • Str: 8 (+3 tome)
  • Dex: 16 (+4 tome)
  • Con: 11 (+5 tome)
  • Int: 16 (+4 tome)
  • Wis: 16 (+3 tome)
  • Cha: 11 (+5 tome)

Normally I'd set Constitution to 12 and Charisma to 10, but this lets her make full use of two +5 tomes - her Constitution and Charisma tomes. She'll have +5 to both stats at level 11.

Having four "odd" stat tomes are annoying but I can work around them. The only stat that really matters when leveling is Intelligence and it has an even tome bonus.

Notes on turning ... she needs Charisma for her turns and I expect to do a lot of undead content. I looked over the Domains and I like Death out of her likely options. Knowledge might also be good on a trapping clerics (since it boosts Intelligence when using Turn Undead and gives +2 to all skills), but I don't like the spell list.

The Death domain gives her Necrotic Ray and Destruction as SLAs, as well as helping her turns. If her turns don't work in content, then I'll fall back to being a light nuker and enjoy the turns when they happen to work and do the murder with spells or a mace when they don't. If she carries a shield in her off hand she'll get PRR and a place to slot extra offensive augments.


  • 1-Least Dragonmark of Passage (Human feat: Toughness)
  • 3-Past Life: Wizard
  • 6-Maximize
  • 9-Empower
  • 12-Quicken
  • 15-Mental Toughness
  • 18-Greater Mental Toughness

There's probably no point in taking a Spell Focus feat as she gets +1 to all DCs from her Wizard past life and she needs other feats more than another +1 just to necromancy. We'll see how I feel about that when it comes time to take Mental Toughness.

There's no room for the Strength points for Fighter Dilettante or Constitution for Barbarian Dilettante. Monk dilettante is the only vaguely useful one I can take and that requires wearing robes instead of light armor. It may be worth it to take Human for a bonus feat (Toughness) and an extra skill point every level.

I really like the Past Life: Wizard active feat. The ten Magic Missiles per rest that can be boosted by nearly all metamagic feats are an awesome asset in any caster's toolbox. That's one of the reasons I take Maximize so early (the other being it boosts a cleric's burst). The feat isn't available until third level so it requires a bit of feat juggling.

I have to give up either Empower or Empower Healing in order to fit in the past life feat. I'll probably take Empower as it will boost her damage SLAs.

I decided to play with a Dragonmark for the fun of it this life. Humans have two choices I think are particularly nice: Finding and Passage. At higher levels, Passage will let Eachna cast Dimension Door and Teleport for fast movements around maps. Finding would allow her to improve the loot in chests but people in PUGs never wait so it's not worth taking this Dragonmark unless you know you'er going to solo most of the time.

1st level: Take rogue. Take 4 points of Open Locks, 4 points of Search, 4 points of Spot, 4 points of Disable Device, and 1 point of Tumble. Spend the bonus points from first level on Jump, UMD, and whatever casting skills you can fit in (Concentration, Heal, Spellcraft).

2nd - 12th level Cleric. You're going to take cleric levels until you get the 6th level spell Blade Barrier. Each level spend 2 skill points in Disable Device, 2 skills points in Search, and 2 skill points in Spot. If you don't have enough points to put 2 into Spot, put 1 into Heal or Spellcraft (depending on your play style). Open Locks doesn't need more than 4-5 skill points, total, if you get proper gear for your level.

13th level - Rogue. You finally get Evasion. Things go from "painful" to "smooth sailing". Dump every skill point you can into Search, Spot, and Disable Device. If you have any left over, put them in UMD and Heal.

14-20 Cleric to epic levels.

Put all level-up Attribute points into Wisdom.

The cleric feats you 'need' are: Maximize, Empower, Empower Healing, and Quicken. With these you can get the most from your two strongest healing SLAs, the Radiant Aura and the Radiant Burst. They also boost the Divine Disciple SLAs, and are useful with Epic Destiny SLAs.

After I TR Eachna into a cleric I go through a bunch of xp gems I have saved from daily dice rolls. She gets 3rd level after eating bunch of 500-1000 xp gems and I get to make space on the bank mule that stores the gems.

Level 3 Gear:

I have barely any gear for this low level and I have to rummage around on all my lowbie toons to pull the few items off them that Eachna can use. I used to Cannith Craft lowbie gear for each new life but crafting has changed. Old magical effects I liked are gone or changed in such a way that I either can't craft them or have some other problem with using them.

I'm able to scratch around and find an old outfit that I had put Invulnerability on years ago. This will do until I can switch to Sorrowdusk or Nightforge armor.

While I'm swapping toons I find an unbound Token of the Faithful. Her turning gear is covered in heroic levels by this one item. Score! The Token of the Faithful is one of my favorite heroic cleric items in the game. I use a high level alt to farm up newer BTA versions of the Red Fens sets and she's ready to roll.

  • Trinket: Suppressed Dark Blue Ioun Stone (+3 Listen and +3 Spot)
  • Head: empty
  • Cloak: Phiarlian Mirror Cloak // BTA lootgen Cloak of Expeditious Retreat (5x/rest)
  • Gloves: empty
  • Bracers: Bracers of Wind
  • Boots: BTA Feather Falling
  • Neck: Troubleshooter's Necklace
  • Ring 1: BTA Ring of Dragon's Breath (3x/rest)
  • Ring 2: Crafted Moderate Fortification 75%
  • Belt: Crafted False Life (+10 hp)
  • Goggles Troubleshooter's Goggles
  • Armor: BTA Outfit of Invulnerability

Weapons: Eternal Wand of Spark of Light, Smashing 1 (1d6 force) Staff of Slashing 1 (1d6 Slashing) (red slot: Acid 1)