Eachna's Path to Turning Paladin-hood

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Eachna's Path to Turning Paladin-hood

Eachna on Orien is my "main" DDO toon. She's also the first character I played. I'm very slowly working my way through earning the past lives that I feel will help her be an effective "turning" and healing Paladin.

I want her to be able to nuke undead and do backup raid healing. I hope to make her at least as effective as a bardic healer. For DPS, I intend for her to be a two weapon fighter.

Eachna's TR Record

For her fighter lives I played her as "paladin-like" using EllisDee's Kensai Warpriest. This let me keep my play style as well as giving me a head start on collecting cleric gear.

Because she already had 3 paladin lives I took the Half Elf Racial life for her sixth reincarnation.

  1. Paladin
  2. Paladin
  3. Paladin
  4. Fighter
  5. Fighter
  6. Fighter
  7. Half-Elf Racial
  8. Wizard

Life Eight: Wizard

For the long term success of the build, having a Wizard life will probably be wasted time. However, I want to prepare her for a run of three Cleric lives, and having the Wizard past life is *very* useful in that situation.

10 magic missiles a rest is a game-changer for a very low-level cleric, and the boost to casting DC's is very nice.

I returned to the game after a long break and decided I needed to TR at least one of my epic toons. Eachna was the one in the best position. I found two heroic Otto's Boxes in my bank. A friend had given them to me ages ago and so I used one to level her to 16 as a Pale Trapper.

This means I'll only be playing two levels of this build (16 to 18), then banking my remaining xp to hit 20, and immediately reincarnating as a Cleric.

Scratching around in her gear, I was able to fill most of her gear slots. She seems to be missing the Troubleshooter's trapping necklace from Korthos, and she didn't have robes. I crafted up quick heroic blue dragon robes, and while I was in Gianthold I upgraded her Ventilated Braces. I also bought a pair of Gnoll Hide Gloves in the auction house.

Rummaging around in my cleric Geria's bank, I was able to grab level 14 spell sticks (Geria is also doing a Pale Trapper life). I also had a heroic elite Madstone Skull I could give her. After a bit of spell inscribing I was ready to go.

  • Trinket: Purple Ioun Stone
  • Head: empty
  • Cloak: Cloak of Invisibility (green slot: Resistance +3)
  • Gloves: Gnoll Hide Gloves (yellow slot: empty colorless slot: Dexterity +4)
  • Bracers: upgraded Ventilated Bracers
  • Boots: lootgen Striding 30%
  • Neck: Nightforge Gorget (yellow slot: Blindness immunity)
  • Ring 1: Ring of Balance (green slot: Defense +6)
  • Ring 2: cannith crafted ml: 13 Feather Falling Ring of Greater False Life (colorless slot: Master's Gift)
  • Belt: Smoke hit point Greensteel
  • Goggles: Tharne's Goggles
  • Armor: heroic blue dragonscale robes.

Spell sticks: +3 ML: 14 Corrosion of Acid Lore // heroic elite Madstone Skull (purple slot: Glaciation 66, yellow slot: Enchantment +1)

Planning For Life Nine: First Cleric

Gear to Farm:

  • Troubleshooter's Necklace.
  • Crystal Club.
  • a second Mace of Healing.