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Final Fantasy XIV

I've been playing Final Fantasy 14. It's a fun MMO with an amazing story.

My character's name is Gislin Dahl and I play her on the Faerie server in North America.

Here are some notes in no particular order.

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Breeding a "Perfect" Racing Chocobo

My goal is to get a perfect Coral, Rose, or Rolanberry Pink bird.

Generation 1: Gislin's starter chocobo was a default yellow female. I raced her to rank 40 and bred her to three G9 males I rented from a NPC. This resulted in three male chicks. Since they were all the same sex I only kept one to race. Unfortunately, all three breedings were terrible. The best of the lot had one 4 star rating in Stamina.

Generation 2: I had some luck after I retired G2 at rank 41. After the very expensive wasted P9 breedings to G1, I decided G2 would be bred to cheaper G5 females. I bred him to two G5 females I rented from a NPC. I scored one male and one female. The male was the better breeding.

I decided I wanted a pink bird and it took spending more than 300,000 Golden Saucer tokens on G4 and G5 covers before I ended up with a Lotus Pink chick. Because I had a spare cover I tried, I ended up with two males, and a spare Rose Pink female cover. When it rains it pours and all that. Pastel had the better pedigree of the two chicks and I'm planning to use the Rose Pink cover on him for G6.

I had two G5 female covers. I crossed both to Pastel Coureur. I ended up with a red girl with very nice stars (three of her stats are locked in at 4 stars), and an okay (but not great) Rose Pink boy. I bred both together and

The best breedings I got from those crossses were another Red girl and Rose Pink boy. I'm still nervous about losing the color.

Now that I'm up to generation 7 I also have to make sure to unlock extra race skill soon. I don't want to be locked out of getting the race skills I want. Luckily Bronze Coureuse has very nice race points and can win challenges for me.

I'm not sure what the problem is with the RNG, but I'm getting almost all male chicks which makes it really hard to breed.

  • G1-F: Goldene Coureuse. Foul Weather. Choco Re-Raise. Used a book to change to Choco Dash II.
  • G2-M: Ocre Coureur. Foul Weather. Choco Dash II. Dressage.
  • G3-F: Charmante Coureuse. Fair Weather. Choco Dash. Paradigm Shift.
  • G3-M: Charmant Coureur. Foul Weather. Choco Dash II. Super Sprint. Crossed with G5 female cover.
  • G4-M: Grey Coureur. Fair Weather. Choco Dash. Super Sprint. Crossed with G5 female cover.
  • G5-M: Pastel Coureur. Foul Weather. Choco Cure II. Mimic II. ** Lotus Pink **. Crossed with G5 female cover.
  • G6-M: Meilleur Coureur. Foul Weather. Choco Cure II. Level Head. ** Rose Pink **.
  • G6-F: Scarlet Coureuse. Fair Weather. Choco Cure II. Mesa Red.
  • G7-F: Bronze Coureuse. Foul Weather. Choco Cure II. Head Start. Mesa Red.
  • G7-M:

Triple Triad Decks

3* Scion

Against Buscarron when he's both Ascension and Order. He leads with Kan-E-Senna.

  1. Papalymo and Yda
  2. Y'shtola
  3. F'lhaminn
  4. Thanrid
  5. Urianger

Papa and Yda is one of the cards you can win off him. If you don't have it yet you can use another card with strong numbers on the right.

2* Imperial Deck

This is very weak. I was able to win with it about 1/3 of the time and stopped using it as soon as I got Papalymo and Yda for my Scion deck.

  1. Livia sas Junias
  2. Rhitahyn sas Arvina
  3. Magitek Gunship
  4. Armored Weapon
  5. Magitek Vanguard

My First Tournament Deck

Week of 16 August 2017. I played Flichoirel the Lordling (NPC) and won 17 of 20 games, 2 draws, 1 loss. Following the advice of an anonymous player here I build a deck with the following cards (subbing in similar cards for the ones I was missing).

  1. Brachiosaur
  2. Coeurlregina
  3. Y'shtola
  4. Squall
  5. Urianger