Genevre the Raid Cleric

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Genevre the Raid Cleric

Genevre is my third permanent cleric on the Orien server (along with Geria and Ghee). She doesn't True Reincarnate. I made her to have a cleric that would always sit at cap and run raids while other characters were reincarnating.

Genevre, Sun Elf Healer

Gen is a sun elf cleric with the Healing domain.

Starting in 2020, I plan to put her back into regular raids.

Genevre's Gear List

This is her gear list from December 2019. It's messy, to say the least. She's the lowest priority of my toons on Orien and gets the leftovers no one else can use. Most of her gear is bound to account unwanted items from raiding. Since she was my third cleric, I didn't have a lot of interest in farming perfect gear for her. It was just easier to put something "meh" in the slot and jump into a raid to heal when needed.

  • Trinket: Epic Token of the Proven (Invisibility Guard, Fortification +150%, Lesser Displacement, Insightful Fort Save +2, Mythic Trinket +1, green slot: Feather Falling)
  • Head: Epic Seraphim (Sacred, Hallowed, Insightful Faith, Devotion +144, Deathblock VIII, blue slot: empty)
  • Cloak: Stormreaver's Tablecloth (+8 Int, +8 Cha, Spell Focus +2, Spell Penetration III, yellow slot: Greater Evocation +2)
  • Gloves: Gauntlets of Immortality (+120 Devotion, Touch of Immortality, Superior Healing Lore, Eternal Faith, yellow slot: Fear Immunity, colorless: Insightful Constitution +2)
  • Bracers: ML: 26 Lootgen Health +9 and Hit Points +40
  • Boots: Legendary Lightfoot Greaves (Freedom of Movement, Speed 30%, +19 Natural Armor, Reflex Save +16, yellow slot: empty)
  • Neck: Sage's Locket ML: 26 (Evocation +5, +15 Spellcraft)
  • Ring 1: Lantern Ring, upgraded (Radiant Glory, Radiance Lore 18%, Radiance +144, Insightful Wisdom +2, green slot: Good Luck +2, colorless slot: Master's Gift)
  • Ring 2: Legendary Skulled Ring (Necromany Focus +8, Quality Necromancy Focus +1, Wizardry +412, Exceptional Nullification +10, green slot: empty)
  • Belt: greensteel Con-Op (+6 Wisdom, +45 hp, +4 str skills, +6 con skills)
  • Goggles: Epic Glimpse the Soul (True Seeing, +20 Diplo, Intercession Ward, +20 Bluff, Illusion saves +6, Enchantment Saves +6, Wisdom +11, blue slot: Good Luck +2)
  • Armor: Shadow Dragonplate (Shadow Caster, +11 Attack/Damage/AC Bonus, Deathblock, Fortification +130%, Ghostly, From the Shadows, green slot: Wizardry +250, blue slot: Golem's Heart