Geria's Endless Road to a Divine DC Caster

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Geria's Endless Road to a Divine DC Caster

While Eachna is my main, Geria is her slightly younger sister who snuck into my heart as my "favorite".

There's just something about pushing a button and seeing mobs die, instantly, that I can't resist.

Trends come and go in DDO, but it seems to be a constant that playing a cleric is never a bad idea. They can be more or less powerful at times, but they're always playable and always "useful".

Past Lives and Spell DCs

So You Want To Build A DC Caster

Cleric List:

  • Wizard: +2 to Spell Penetration, stacks to +6
  • Favored Soul: +1 to Spell Penetration, stacks to +3
  • Sorcerer: +1 to Evocation DC, stacks to +3
  • Cleric: +1 to Conjuration DC, stacks to +3
  • Deep Gnome: +1 to Illusion DC, stacks to +3
  • Wizard (active feat): +1 to all DCs
  • Bard (active feat): +1 to Enchantment DC
  • Racial: +2 to Wisdom (Human, Aasamir) and +2 to Charisma (Dragonborn, Half Elf). Requires two lives of each race
  • Completionist Feat: +2 to all stats (in effect, +1 to all DCs)
  • Racial Completionist: +2 to all stats (in effect, +1 to all DCs)
  • Arcane Alacrity Epic Past Life: 3%, 6%, then 10% cooldown reduction for spells
  • Epic Completionist: Additional Twist slot, +1 to your primary stat

+2 Charisma isn't strictly necessary for DC casting, however the bonus to Favored Soul lives and cleric turning is valuable.

Magister is the best Epic Destiny for DC casters.

Geria's TR Record

Heroic Lives:

  1. Cleric
  2. Favored Soul
  3. Sorcerer
  4. Wizard
  5. Shadar Kai Wizard (Iconic)

Epic Lives:

  1. 2 x Primal - Colors of the Queen

Racial Lives:

  1. None yet

Life Five: Shadar Kai Pale Trapper

Full disclosure - I've forgotten why I decided to play a Shadar Kai on Geria, other than it's an easy way to take rogue levels. When I hit 30 I'll take a wizard life and a Primal Epic life with Colors of the Queen.

Geria has full +6 stat tomes.

Here are her main gear items at level 24:

  • Trinket: Holy Symbol of Lolth
  • Head: Smoke spell point greensteel
  • Cloak: heroic Sage's Mantle (will use Stormreaver's Tablecloth at 25)
  • Gloves: Purple Dragon Knight Gloves // Gloves of Gnoll Hide (yellow slot: Feather Falling, colorless slot: +4 Dexterity)
  • Bracers: heroic elite Bracers of Twisting Shade
  • Boots: Cannith Boots of Propulsion
  • Neck: heroic Sage's Locket
  • Ring 1: heroic Guardian's Ring (yellow slot: Master's Gift)
  • Ring 2: Omniscience
  • Belt: Con-Op hit point Greensteel
  • Goggles: Epic Goggles of Time Sensing (yellow slot: fear immunity, colorless slot: +6 Constitution)
  • Armor: Epic Red Dragonscale Robe (blue slot: heavy fortification, colorless: +6 Dexterity)

She has a few spell sticks including Twilight and Staff of the Necromancer. Her default equipped weapons are: epic hard Crystalline Scepter and epic hard Madstone Skull with +114 Glaciation, Corrosion, I'll write more updates later.