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; /home/gossamer/.tf/tiny.mush
; Macros and stuff for tiny.mush world type
; $Id: tiny.mush,v 1.1 1998/02/11 11:27:44 gossamer Exp gossamer $
; Last updated by gossamer on Fri Nov 14 21:12:34 EST 1997

; Escape weird characters so they don't get redefined
/def -T'tiny.mush' escape_on = \
   /def -T'tiny.mush' -hSEND mush_escape = /send - $(/escape \\%% \[ %%*) %;\
   /echo % Special characters now escaped

/def -T'tiny.mush' escape_off = \
   /def -T'tiny.mush' -hSEND mush_escape = %;\
   /echo % Special characters now sent as usual

; MUD messages
/def -p5 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^ ? ? ?[A-Za-z0-9+-]+( [A-Za-z]*)?: ' Tiny.MUSHcolon
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^.* Players logged in\.' TINY.MUSHwho
/def -p50 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^(Name|Alias|Parent|Password|Home) set\.' TINY.MUSHstuffset
/def -p50 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^Cleared\.' TINY.MUSHcleared
/def -p50 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^Created.*' TINY.MUSHcreated
/def -p50 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^Destroyed\.' TINY.MUSHdestroyed
/def -p50 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^Dropped\.' TINY.MUSHdropped
/def -p50 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^Locked\.' TINY.MUSHlocked
/def -p50 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^Set(\.| -)' TINY.MUSHset
/def -p50 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^Taken\.' TINY.MUSHtaken
/def -p50 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^Text added\.' TINY.MUSHtextadd
/def -p50 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCblue -t'^Player.*' TINY.MUSHwhothingy
/def -p50 -T"tiny.mush" -PCblue -t'^You notified .* of your location.*' TINY.MUSHlocpage

; Exits/joins/whatever
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCcyan -t'^There\'s no place like home\.\.\.\.$' TINY.MUSHhome2
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCcyan -t'joins you\.$' TINY.MUSHjoinsyou
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCcyan -t'has arrived\.$' TINY.MUSHarrived
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCcyan -t'has (re)?connected\.$' TINY.MUSHcon
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCcyan -t'has (partially )?disconnected\.$' TINY.MUSHdiscon
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCcyan -t'goes home\.$' TINY.MUSHhome
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCcyan -t'has left\.$' TINY.MUSHleft
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -P1Cblue -t'(\().* looked at you.*\)$' TINY.MUSHlook
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -P1Cblue -t'\(.* (looked at you.*\))$' TINY.MUSHlook2

/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -PCcyan -t'^Carrying:' TINY.MUSHcarrying
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -PCcyan -t'^[Ww]earing:' TINY.MUSHwearing
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -PCcyan -t'^Contents:' TINY.MUSHcontents
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -PCcyan -t'^Obvious exits:' TINY.MUSHexits

; Pages etc.
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -P2BCyellow -t'^(Puff> )?(You) say ' TINY.MUSHsay
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -P1Cgreen -t'^[A-Za-z]* ?[A-Za-z]* (sense(s)?) ' TINY.MUSHsense
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -P1Cgreen -t'^[A-Za-z]* ?[A-Za-z]* (whisper(s)?) "' TINY.MUSHwhisp
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -P1Cgreen -t'^[A-Za-z]* ?[A-Za-z]* (pages( to )?).*:' TINY.MUSHpage
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCgreen -t'Long distance to ' TINY.MUSHlongdist
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -PCgreen -t'^Announcement: ' TINY.MUSHannounce
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCgreen -t'^From afar( to |,)?' TINY.MUSHafar
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -PCgreen -t'^You paged' TINY.MUSHselfpage
/def -p90 -T"tiny.mush" -F -P2BCyellow -t'^(\*)?(You) ' TINY.MUSHaction

/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PCgreen -t'^(At|On|From|In|Within) [A-Za-z]+ ?[A-Za-z]* ?[A-Za-z]*,?,' TINY.MUSHplaces

; Errors
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PBCred -t'^Huh\?.*' TINY.MUSHerror
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PBCred -t'^(Idle|Reject|Away) message from [A-Za-z ]*:' TINY.MUSHpageerr
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PBCred -t'^I don\'t recognize that name\.' TINY.MUSHnoname
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PBCred -t'^I don\'t see that here\.' TINY.MUSHnothere
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PBCred -t'^Permission denied.' TINY.MUSHnoperm
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PBCred -t'^No entry for \'.*\'.' TINY.MUSHnohelp
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -PBCred -t'^You can\'t go that way.' TINY.MUSHnoway
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PBCred -t'^Sorry.*' TINY.MUSHsorry
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PBCred -t'^Invalid.*' TINY.MUSHinvalid
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PBCred -t'^[A-Za-z ]* is not a player\.' TINY.MUSHnotplayer
/def -p100 -T"tiny.mush" -F -PBCred -t'^Whisper to whom\?' TINY.MUSHwhispererr