Gwen's Common Keybindings

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;;;  Keybindings & Color Bindings

;;; Update home to include my keyboard (rxvt)

/~keyseq home		^[[1~	^[OH	^[[H	^[[7~
/~keyseq end		^[[4~	^[OF	^[[F	^[[8~

;; CTRL-U will clear your entire input buffer
;; Designed for Amber (Kahlyla@CM) to work like a similar zMUD command

/def -b'^U' = /kb_backward_kill_line%; /dokey_deol

;;; Function Keys
;;; Directions for binding to function keys
;;; If you want to bind a command to a particular function key, put it directly after the equal sign.
;;; The command has to be designed to work if sent to the buffer.
;;; Example: if you want to send the word "stop" out to the world if you hit f1, then
;;; /def -i key_f1 = /send -w stop
;;; if instead you always want to connect to the world "cm" when you hit f1, then
;;; /def -i key_f1 = /world cm

;;; You can also bind function keys on a per-world basis (letting same function key can do different things
;;; depending on which world you're using). In that key, design one set for each and put a -w'<worldname>'
;;; after the -i for each /def

/def -i key_f1 =
/def -i key_f2 =
/def -i key_f3 =
/def -i key_f4 =
/def -i key_f5 =
/def -i key_f6 =
/def -i key_f7 =
/def -i key_f8 =
/def -i key_f9 =
/def -i key_f10 =
/def -i key_f11 =
/def -i key_f12 =