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TinyMUSH/TinyMUX Characters

I have characters on several different MU*s from time to time. However, the one MUSH I am completely loyal to is CrystalMUSH. I have been there since 1994 (class 2010 was going through adaption when I first began playing), and I have no plans of leaving :).

My RP philosophies are pretty simple. I play what I know. If I don't know it, I will read up on it, until I *do* know it. I always play women -- the few males characters I've started confused me so much they didn't make it through more than a few days. I am a woman, RL, and simply cannot refer to myself as a man, *even* for RP. I also have this problem in tabletop games.

I tend to play women who are very spiritual and religious, or, very business-oriented. All are *passionate* about something, but, only Gislin @ Texas and Denver has been a particularly "sexual" character to date. My characters (except Gislin) are heterosexual, a bit on the plain side, and they tend to "attract" others by the strength of their personality rather than their pure looks. Gislin is the one character who breaks all my rules...sexually flexible (omnisexual), attractive, wealthy, and shallow.

I began my original MU rp experience playing on PernMUSH in 1994. I was "Ginca", an apprentice vintner girl from a long line of vintners. The server went down within the first month of me playing there. Then, I moved to SouthCon Pern. During my tenure on SouthCon, Ginca graduated to Journeywoman, helped revitalize Karachi Hold's activity level, consulted on a minor vinters' hall being build (ie: built and coded my own area), and was Searched twice. The second time, she Impressed brown Corbeth at Honshu. When SouthCon changed sites several times within a short period, and then rebuilt the database from the ground up, I did not go with them.

Since playing my "vintner" Ginca, I've played Ginca as a Dolphineer on some MU I can't remember the name of, and a tattoo artist on PernMUSH who resigned for OOC cliquish political reasons. I've played "Gislin" on a variety of Perns, both as a herdcraft and a minecraft apprentice. I've played on CrystalMUSH as a variety of short-lived NPC plot chars. I played on the now-defunct Texas Twilight World of Darkness MUSH as a Benedictine nun and medical doctor "Sister Geria/Mary Geraldine" and the actress turned financier/politician "Gislin Dahl" (same name as the deceased CrystalMUSH char, but, *no* relation). I also had a couple minor characters at Texas, the most memorable being the incredibly annoying "Buffy" of the "Muffy and Buffy Onnatopp" twins, played in conjunction with the staffer known as Meeko. Buffy epitomized the WoD twink ideal -- a sex-crazed incredibly-beautiful college girl, with red hair and green eyes, long legs, "curves in all the right places", and her daddy's money. Buffy's sole purpose was to wander the grid and provide IC entertainment to other chars by being stupid and/or flirty. I spent a multiple short stretches of time on the Elfquest TwoMoonsMUSH, as "Goldmoon" (usually a half Wolfrider and half Go-Back elf), but, resigned because I found the site so cliquish that I could not find any sort of meaningful RP.

I played on the World of Darkness Miami MUSH as Ginevra, a SCA organizer, and Amanda, a former Merchant Marine turned restaurant owner. Amanda was one of a couple characters I played who was "mature". She was in her early 40's when she left chargen.

On Mountain Cauldron I started the "Widder Hagan", a sixty-ish widow herbalist Mage in the Celestial Chorus, Irish Catholic faith, as another attempt at playing an older character. When Mountain Cauldron closed, she moved to Denver Dark Alliance, along with a number of other characters, including her adult niece Roberta. When the Widder was found out by the Technocracy, I switched to Jamra, an Arabic shaman traditionalist Mage, also in the Celestial Chorus, of the Baha'i faith. It was really fascinating to read up on the Baha'i faith, as I'd never heard of them before randomly web browsing looking for Arabic character hooks. I also played yet another version of Gislin Dahl, this one werewolf Kinfolk with the rather unfortunate combination of Get of Fenris bloodlines that had been adopted into the Black Fury tribe.

I've staffed on a few games; I was Belle (from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast") on Texas Twilight WoD MUSH: Building Wiz, Building Admin, and "Urban Renewal Wiz" (re-descer of the grid); I was Mentos on Full Circle WoD MUX: Mortal admin under Chocolate, and *brief* Mortal Wiz while a replacement was found for her; I was "Dr. Strangepork" (from Muppets Pigs in Space) on Mineappolis WoD MUSH: Code Wiz and code scrounger -- this was an exciting learning experience for me because I got to work with Didi (original writer of Didi's chargen). My longest and most involved wizard position was as Silk Spectre on Denver By Night. I started as backup code staff and eventually promoted to be the head Code Wizard. I spent two years of involved coding in that game and it was a phenomenal learning experience to be responsible for globals at one of the most active WoD MUs of the time. I've run builder chars on both SouthCon Pern and CrystalMUSH (which is comparable to being a minor staffer on a WoD-type world). I've also been involved with many failed or stalled games. People are always looking for coders and I'm usually willing to help out. I've lost track of the number of games (many of which may still be up) where I came in, set up or cleaned up the first wave of chargen + globals, and then stepped aside for the permanent people to take over.

My building projects are another thing I am "known" for (as much as anyone can be "known" for MU*ing). I built a complete cathedral for Texas Twilight, which included an attached convent and rectory, and had secret rooms. I also had several IC businesses on the grid (as Gislin) that I maintained and desced my heart out to beautify. As I mentioned above, I was put in charge of "Urban Renewal" at Texas, which meant that many of the descs of the city and buildings were rewritten by me, and improved. I still manage two planetary builders on CrystalMUSH, both of which are two of the most complex, desced supplemental planets on that game. When I played Widder Hagan on Mountain Cauldron, I coded and described a 24-hour herbalist shop that became one of the RP locales of the game...and when I moved the Widder, the shop moved with her, and again, became a roleplay focus on Denver. Art descs in the shop were provided by a good friend and the co-owner, Roberta (who took over the shop when the Widder died). I also ran the builder character for the Mage's chantry at Denver, and redid many of the descs to suite my tastes.

Site List

Crystal MUSH
A science-fiction game based on the popular 'Crystal Singer' books by Anne McCaffrey. I make liberal use of Dynamic space in this game, expanding my planetary quota for BOTH planets this way. One has a complex of caves (descs written by me), the other a rainforest (descs comissioned) and a beach/coral beds (descs written by me).
  • Site: port:6886
  • The CrystalMUSH Wiki
  • Alt(s): "Gallali" (Verron IV born, Sorter class 2044), "Ssudia" (Taal'en native-born Crystal Singer, class 2013), "Chancellor" (Verron IV moon builder character), "Yamarika" (Taal'en planet builder character), Galena (retro sledtech class 1998), Glee (retro cuttertech class 1998). Deceased: "Gislin Dahl" (class 2010, died in adaption as I decided I wanted to take over Verron IV and would have a RP char later)

Useful links I found for some RP chars

  • Mrs Grieve's Herbal online searchable index - the classic work put online!
  • Victorian Language of Flowers pages - The Widder wasn't Verbena, but, she learned the Secret Code Language, Language of Flowers. These pages provide an IC reference.