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Gwen's MUSHcode Archive

If you take code from this site, all that I ask is that you send me the fixes, updates, or changes you may need to make in order to get the code functional elsewhere (email the fixes to: There's no single source out there on "how" to softcode. Each of us has to learn from the scattered notes found online, and by deconstructing and reconstructing other peoples' code creations. Please respect that I am trying to provide a service to the MUSH community by providing this archive, and give back working code where you can.

This page is very dense and packed with LOTS of useful globals. Take your time and enjoy the exploration.

I've created a Google Code Project to archive softcode. It's called "gm-tinymu".

Gwen's Code

This is MUSH softcode I wrote or as good as wrote.

  • (added 2/17/00) SCA Wandering Wench - Based on the idea of a vender/bartender, only, for SCA events. The basic model is similar to real workers I've seen at rennisance fairs, with SCA-based emits. Makes more sense of you have an idea about SCA/Renn-faire culture.
  • (added 2/17/00) Snippets Code - Several useful bits and pieces of code, meant to built vtime, tide, and season functions in a game. They're designed as patches over Keran's Weather and Time code, however, they stand alone as-is (without extra fancy emits like Keran's system).
  • (added 2/28/00) Hotel Vender Code version II - The original vendor with some examples of extra features -- book a room for one person, or suite for two; special door locks; recover and @dest the room after a certain amount of time (db bloat reduction).
  • (updated 7/26/02) XP tracker - This is one of those "Gain XP for being logged in and getting +votes" systems. It has been overhauled by Xellos@ChaosMUX, but, the base code is still mine :). I have plans to improve this "improved" version. It awards .1 XP per 10 hours logged in, .1 XP per vote, and .5 XP per staff vote. It allows players 10 votes per 10 hours logged in. Compatible with SGP and MIAM, and my version of Didi's Chargen is being updated to be fully compatible.
  • (added 3/19/02) Simple Shift-Changing Puppet - One of my bleeding-heart liberal tendencies was to be bothered by the idea of in-game puppet bartenders (and other 'employees') never getting any "time off". I wrote the simple shift-changing puppet (related to the SCA worker above) to provide one puppet with multiple "identities".
  • (added 4/6/03) Random Global Object - A small object with a varied list of commands. +taxi (transportation), +freezer (character storage), +nuke/list (list 'inactive' characters for possible idle-desting), and a +bg/approve (addition to the SGP Background code). While it was originally meant for WoD games, it could probably be used anywhere with minimal configuration changes. Half these commands were written by me, the other half were modified from other sources (all properly credited).
  • (added 4/6/03) Changing Places Code Snippets - This isn't really a code object. Instead, it's samples of what you can do with the Places code that floats around the MUSH community (SGP's version is a fine start). It shows how to vary the main desc of a room by place, and how to link +views and place.
  • (added 4/3/2012) Gwen's Compact Time, Weather, Moon, and Tide - This is a self-contained object that calculates time, weather, moon phase, and tides.
  • (updated 4/19/12) New XP System - This XP system was written for a nWOD game but it could be used anywhere with xp and a voting system. Has a working example of avoiding nested switches.

Some Building Projects

It occurs to me that I've been remiss in not posting some of my building projects.

Old World of Darkness Code

  • (added 9/22/01) MC World of Darkness Chargen - This chargen is what I call the "Mountain Cauldron" style, because, it originated at Mountain Cauldron MUX. Rooms for each "phase" of statting, rather than the 3-room format of Didi's version. Includes a Merits/Flaws room (which is in *desperate* need of expansion). This is the "old" Mountain Cauldron chargen, from the mid-late 90's. MC updated their chargen sometime before or around January of 2000 and it was supposed to be a beautiful rebuild. However, I have not been able to find a copy of that code, and MC went defunct. This *should* be pretty much plug and play, but, I'm still not supporting it! This is archived here for historical reasons.
  • (added 10/27/01) Didi's Improved Chargen: Mark II - I didn't write Didi's Chargen, that was written by someone guessed it...DIDI. However, I have significantly re-written it over time. This means it is more and more "my" code effort as it goes through various versions. This is the most improved version to date, with the Womb, 2 chargen rooms, function holder etc. There's also a separate object for character sheet formatting. Mark II includes working secondary abilities code in chargen and some function fixes. Except for one minor problem with the character sheet code, this chargen should be fully functional for *basic mortal* characters. It's still missing merit and flaw code. Expect *no* support or hand-holding. Should work on TinyMUSH 3x and TinyMUX as-is, TinyMUSH 2.2.x's will want to remove the ANSI hilighting.
  • (added 8/20/2011) Amaranth13's WoD Chargen - found a new chargen when randomly web browsing. This was written by I didn't touch any of the code, I'm just archiving it here for reference. It describes itself as having a Beginner and Veteran chargen and working on recent versions of TinyMUSH/TinyMUX.
  • (added 4/03/2012) Mystery WoD Chargen - This chargen was squirreled away in the dusty back folders of my code archives. I have no information on the original source.
  • (added 9/23/01) GwenNode V3 - This is my Node code, version 3. Has functioning "Avatar refresh" and "The Rush" effects built in. Requires the "stat and rolls" function object found low down in the archive. This node object is here for historical reasons. The newest and most improved code can be found lower in the list as Gwen's Mage Globals Object V1.
  • (added 3/17/02) Gwen Aura V1 - This is a significant-enough rewrite of what was originally Full Circle aura code, that I'm giving it "my" name and a generation number. Will probably be updated even further in the near future, but, works as-is.
  • (added 6/21/02) Gwen's Mage Globals Object V1 - this is a new revision of my version 3 node code (moved from individual node objects to a central global object), and some other mage-useful commands. Somewhat documented.
  • (updated 4/6/03) Gwen's Vampire Globals Object - This is a revision of standard vampire code that floats around the WoD communities. Includes +pump, +vshift, +relax, and +feed. Other commands are due to be added in the future. A Hunting Room and Automatic Blood Drain code were added on 4/6/03.
  • (added 7/20/02) Gwen's Changeling Globals Object - This is a revision of standard changeling code. Includes +flook, +fdesc, +fpose, +fpooc, +enchant, and +freehold. Some code written completely by me, other code simply updated. Other commands due to be added later on.
  • (added 4/02/2012) Gwen's Shifter Globals Object - A collection of globals for shifters.
  • (added 4/12/03) Gwen's Sabbat Viniculum Global Object - This is a fusion of two systems written by other people. V 1.1. I have plans to continue to update this.
  • (added 9/23/01) Stat and Roll Functions These functions are needed for some of the globals and individual objects I have coded. This makes WoD globals easier than including all the rolling code by hand for every object. Credited to Creator@VenusMUSH. Works with pool stats (willpower, rage, glamour, gnosis, etc.)
  • (added 8/11/2010) Cruella's Language Object - A language object originally created by Cruella deVille from Texas Twilight. A few updates and improvements from yours truly.
  • (added 3/04/2014) Dream's Hunt Code - from Denver by Night, written by Dream.
  • (added 8/06/2014) Vampire Hunt Simulator - yep, another feed/hunting object.

SGP Global and Chargen Archive

Archiving this here so that it doesn't completely disappear, plus it will be useful for related code systems. Find the help files and other specifics at the SGP Home Page.

  • (added 4/04/2012) SGP Base Globals - A basic system of globals for players and staff. Works on a range of servers.
  • (added 4/04/2012) SGP Places Globals - Virtual Places including +mutter code.
  • (added 4/04/2012) SGP Roleplay Pack Globals - Roleplay specific globals. Includes background management and +rolls.
  • (added 4/04/2012) SGP Very Basic Chargen - A universal chargen system that allows specific rule sets to be written as patch-style Libraries.
  • (added 4/04/2012) SGP oWOD Library - A library for the old World of Darkness. Has +stats and +sheet code, but no chargen rooms.
  • (added 4/04/2012) SGP oWOD Test Character - Just what it sounds like, a simple quote file to set up a test mortal using the oWOD Library.

New World of Darkness Code

  • (added 4/05/2012) SGP nWOD Library - A library for Mortals, Mortal+, Mages, and Changelings in the new World of Darkness. Has +stats and +sheet code, but no chargen rooms.
  • (added 4/05/2012) SGP nWOD Test Character - Just what it sounds like, a simple quote file to set up a test mage using the nWOD Library.
  • (added 4/19/2012) Grump's nWOD TinyMUX Chargen - Version 2. Appears to be a nice but half-complete package meant to act as a framework for any stat system.
  • (added 4/20/2012) Chime's +census - Chime@WORA's census code (for The Reach, nWOD).
  • (added 5/25/2012) The Reach's nWOD Chargen - kindly provided by Soma@WORA. Part 1 of 2.
  • (added 5/25/2012) The Reach's nWOD Chargen Module - kindly provided by Soma@WORA. Part 2 of 2.

Updated By Gwen

These are individual objects and small packages that I did not originally write, but, that I customized or cleaned up in some way. Unfortunately, while I had many random bits of code given to me in the past, it was not always set with CREDITS information. I've documented what I can.

  • (added 2/17/00) Stripper Code - Again, this was written for the World of Darkness, but, could be used anywhere. A stripper that reconfigures appearance and costume for every dance, and the catwalk she dances from. This code includes MUX ansi commands, which must be edited out for a MUSH.
  • (added 6/10/00) Three cellular phones - Three phones are included in this one file, depending on what features you would like. One version has settings for either an external cell-phone, or, a cyber-punkish implanted phone. These versions all float through the Free Code Rooms of WoD games.
  • (updated 3/18/02) Modal space - this is a cute little set of code given to me years ago by one of the wizzes on Crystal MUSH. It allows you to create elaborate changing room descs based on what 'mode' area your character has been placed in. I have reduced it down and cleaned it up, and one of my friends did some minor fixes. There's pretty good documentation for this code, including a sample room and an example of a nifty lock. I'm very proud of this code.
  • (added 6/21/00) Alternate Time Functions - my ex-husband and I built this as a joint effort (he combined his general programming expertise with my understanding of MUSH code syntax). This is the Time Functions object from Keran's Weather and Time code package rebuilt using an adjustment of the built-in system time, rather than the configurable calender designed by Keran. This is NOT meant as a slight to Keran, but, her time code doesn't properly represent our 'uneven' Gregorian system. If you want all her wonderful coded additions, and still have 'proper' modern Earth time, this object should work for you. If you have problems with it, please be sure to let me know.
  • (added 4/02/2012) Gwen's Mushcron - Mostly the Cron system written by Myrddin, with a slight adaption to work with an in-game vtime function if one exists.
  • (added 8/06/2014) Virtual Rollercoaster - originally written by Winston@DenverByNight, updated and expanded by me.

Other Chargens (Not WoD)

  • (added 4/19/2012) Time Lord RPG Chargen - found this in a nifty little softcode archive posted to Livejournal. There are security issues with this code.
  • (added 4/19/2012) FATE3 v2.0 - found this in a nifty little softcode archive posted to Livejournal. The author requests beta test updates.
  • (added 4/19/2012) Good Enough Chargen - A very simple one-room chargen that sets some basic and reasonably universal stats. Very handy starter code.
  • (added 2/14/2014) Fry's Fate Object - A FATE global stat object (okay, not full chargen but still useful as part of one)
  • (added 2/12/2014) DRYH Open Chargen - A very basic set of stat code, dice, and chargen rooms. Meant to be a framework for bigger projects.
  • (added 3/03/2014) Dahan's Skill System - Dahan's Skill System, meant to be a generic framework.
  • (added 3/03/2014) Good Enough AnitaVerse Chargen - A simple chargen for AnitaVerse
  • (added 3/03/2014) Doctor Who Simple Chargen - Another simple chargen, this one for the Doctor Who RPG. It has some security issues.
  • (added 3/03/2014) Sammi's FATE System - it looks like it's mostly notes. But maybe Sammi will see this and allow me to archive the completed effort :D.

Code Written By Others

This code is being archived here for historical purposes. I want to do my part to make sure it's not lost.

  • (added ?) Dynamic Space version 2.8 (MUSH) - this is a complex script that is surprisingly easy to configure (if you know a moderate amount of softcoding already). If you want to generate vast landscapes in a small amount of quota space, this is the set of objects to use. Seems to break down quickly in the versions of MUSH/MUX after the 2.2 tree of TinyMUSH, still works on older legacy servers. This will require an unformatter before you upload.
  • (added ?) Dynamic Mapping Modual 1.2 (MUSH) - this is an add-on to Dynamic Space (and doesn't run without the basic Space being configured). This speeds up regional design, by allowing you to set up vast areas using a map object.
  • (added ?) Keran's Weather and Time Code 4.0 (MUX) - Keran coded a fantastic and very elaborate package of weather, season, and time code. I archived this because Keran retired from coding, and, I don't want this code to disappear entirely.
  • (added ?) Keran's Weather and Time Code 4.0 (MUSH) - I archived this version also because Keran retired from coding, and, I don't want this code to disappear entirely.
  • (added ?) Keran's Weather and Time Code FAQ - The FAQ for the above two packages.
  • (added ?) Keran's Weather and Time Code TinyMUSH 3.0 bugfix - TinyMUSH 3.0 doesn't accept the longer attribute names used in the MUX and MUSH packages. Keran recommends TinyMUSH 3.0 users install the MUX version of her code (which is the stable code base), and then add the bug fixes over that.
  • (added 10/18/01) Fixes for Keran's weather and time - These fixes were written by the helpful folks over at Due Rewards. There's no documentation to this code, so, you shouldn't install it unless you have a coder who understands the changes.
  • (updated 04/19/2012) +Watch Global - This is a global that allows players to watch other players log in and out. It handles players who don't want to be watched, and staff. I didn't update this. Instead, a friend of mine who code-staffed at Denver before me did the cleanup work on "public" code. Chaos MUX staffers sent me an updated version of the +watch code that included further refinements. The credits are still intact, with detailed comments.
  • (added 7/19/02) The Anomoly Multi-Descer. This is a revised version of the old popular "tidy multidescer". This version is suitable for using as a global (the original had security holes).
  • (added 7/10/02) MUX Mail to BrandMail - This is a handy little object that allows those used to BrandyMail to alias the commands on the MUX @mail system.
  • (added 4/02/2012) Metaire Stripper - Written for the World of Darkness, given to me by the coder to share with anyone. Stripper code, has male and female stripper options, with gay and straight sexuality.
  • (added 4/02/2012) Growing Fields - maintain fields and grow crops. Nifty little object although it probably serves no real use.
  • (added 4/04/2012) Jim's Umbral Object - An interesting way to get players into the World of Darkness Umbra, by digging special rooms on the fly.
  • (added 4/19/2012) Armand the Bartender - This fellow was a popular puppet on the Texas Twilight oWOD MUSH. I found him in code storage and decided to post him online as as sample of a simple bartender. Sometimes you just want something quick and simple that just works.
  • (added 4/19/2012) Cobalt's +Events - +event code that doesn't use Anomoly Jobs.
  • (added 4/19/2012) Basic PlotDB - +plot code that also doesn't use Anomoly Jobs.
  • (added 4/21/2012) Chime's Pretty Pony - The name says it all.
  • (added 3/03/2014) UniSys +Rollers and Sheet Code - Some half-baked +roll/+sheet code for UniSys from a WORA discussion.
  • (added 8/06/2014) Valin's +help System - generic softcode +help code, should be pretty self-evident.
  • (added 8/06/2014) Valin's Staff Help System - generic +shelp code for Staff.
  • (added 8/06/2014) Global Staff Commands - has a collection of useful generic global commands for staff.
  • (added 8/06/2014) Tarot Deck Parent - allows tarot card readings in a game.
  • (added 8/09/2014) Master Brewing Object - Allows creation of alcoholic beverages.

Old CrystalMUSH Code

Here are some very old code objects dating back to the early 1990's from CrystalMUSH.

MUX In A Minute

MUX in a Minute is so influential I think it needs its own section.

  • (added ?) MUX in a Minute - This zip file is a collection of World Of Darkness-based MUX globals (complete with Chargen!) This system has coding holes you could drive a truck through. MIAM is mostly archived for historical purposes. If anyone fixes the major problems and sends the fixes to me, I'll be glad to post them.
  • (added 4/2/2012) Xellos's MIAM - I also have an "updated" version of MIAM. This was cleaned up by Xellos@ChaosMUSH. He claims to have fixed most of the problems with MIAM. I haven't verified this for myself. You're free to look it over and further modify it or use it as is.

Starter Globals by Server

Several fine groups of people have put their heads together and written starting softcode global systems for assorted MUSH servers. These tend to include basic commands like +who, +finger, and +time; additionally they can include more sophisticated systems like combat, travel, and stat code.

  • Sandbox Globals Project - Wayback Archive of a site dedicated to creating a set of portable globals that could be used in any MUSH-based server. Old but still perfectly functional in 2012.
  • Mudcore Project A free, public starter database for TinyMUSH 3-based games, with globals. Local Mudcore Archive
  • MUXCore and Local MUXCore Archive - MUXCore is a global softcode system for the TinyMUX text-based gaming platform. Original SGP base code as updated by Stephen Brewer. I inspired one small adaption of MudCore code to be added to MUXCore.
  • PennMUSH-in-a-Box - Linda Naughton's PennMUSH-in-a-Box system.
  • PennMUSH Softcode (MUSHcode) - Talvo's MUSHcode Suite. Softcoded MUSH globals for PennMUSH 1.8.3 and above.
  • FS3 generic roleplaying system - It has a reputation for needing minimal coding to use in a live game. For PennMUSH games.

Other Archive Sites

Server Changes

Sometimes it's best to configure or change the server in some way, rather than installing softcode. Here's my small archive of server changes:

  • (updated 4/2/2012) MUX @mail to Brandymail - This is a series of aliases that allows users to type BrandyMailer commands and still work with the @mail system. This is much cleaner and more efficient than using a separate code object.