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;; Manage a list of help-commands for different modules
;; The point is, if you forget a macro's name, you still
;; remember /helplist, and thus easily find the missing name
;; Antti Pietikäinen (
;; 2005

/def -i help_helplist=\
/echo -aB Help for help-list:%;\
/echo /help_add <command> <short description> Add a command to be shown on help-list%;\
/echo /help_list%;\
/echo /helplist%;\
/echo /help-list                              Show added help-commands.

/def -i help_add=\
/if (strstr(help_list,textencode({*})) == -1) \
/test help_list := strcat(help_list," ",textencode({*}))%;\

/def -i help-list=\
/if ({#}==0) \
/if (help_list !~ "") \
/help-list %{help_list}%;\
/else \
/echo -aB % No help commands set%;\
/else \
/echo -aB % List of help commands:%;\
/while ({#}) \
/let help_string=$[textdecode({1})]%;\
/let help_command=$[substr(help_string,0,strstr(help_string," "))]%;\
/let help_desc=$[substr(help_string,strstr(help_string," "))]%;\
/echo -aCgreen -p - $[pad(help_command,-20)] @{Cyellow}%{help_desc}%;\

/def -i help_list=/help-list
/def -i helplist=/help-list

/help_add /help_helplist maintain a list of help-commands

/if (!loaded_help_list_file) \
/echo -p @{Cgreen}% Help list loaded, @{xBCyellow}/help-list@{xnCgreen} to show helps available%;\
/set loaded_help_list_file 1

;;; Sample Helplist config for other macros

;;; /help_add /help_pathfinder find the cheapest path from a to b

;;; /def -i help_pathfinder=\
;;; /echo -aB Pathfinder help:%;\
;;; /echo /path_find <start> <destination>      Find the path from <start> to <destination>%;\
;;; /echo ( see the file for help about creating the paths )%;\
;;; /echo