Kareila's Clone

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;;; FROM: http://www.chaoticmux.org/~kareila/TF/
;;; Macro for quickly cloning a copy of an object to a different mush
;;; without the need to log a @decompile.  http://www.amtgard.com/~marvin/
;;; This is a useful macro I got from Pedersen's web page, which unfortunately 
;;; appears to have bitten the proverbial dust since I snarfed it. It defines a macro,
;;; /clone, that can be used to quickly reproduce an object between worlds you 
;;; are connected to, with no intermediate logfile.

/def clone = \
    /def -t&* -p100 -q -ag -w%1 cloneitampertrig = /send -w%2 \%* %; \
    /def -t@* -p100 -q -ag -w%1 cloneitattrig = /send -w%2 \%* %; \
    /def -tCLONEDONE -p10 -q -ag -w%1 cloneitdone = /purge cloneit* %; \
    /def -tCLONEDONE -p1000 -n1 -q -ag -w%1 cloneitgagfirst %; \
    /send -w%1 OUTPUTSUFFIX CLONEDONE %; \
    /send -w%1 @decompile %3 %; \
    /send -w%1 OUTPUTSUFFIX %; \
    /send -w%1 @pemit \%#=Object is now sent.

/def clonehelp = /echo -p @{u}Syntax:@{n} /clone <worldfrom> <worldto> <object>