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;;; Typing /keys inside tf will show you a list of a bunch of command-altering and -navigating commands
;;; Source: Neerth at Lusternia forums

/def keys = \
    /echo -paCblue $[strrep("=",80)] %; \
    /echo -paCbrightmagenta @{BCbrightcyan}CTR+A@{n}  $[pad("cursor to beginning of line",-31)]  @{BCbrightcyan}CTR+E@{n}  cursor to end of line %; \
    /echo -paCbrightmagenta @{BCbrightcyan}ESC b@{n}  $[pad("cursor back one word",-31)]  @{BCbrightcyan}ESC f@{n}  cursor forward one word %; \
    /echo -paCbrightmagenta @{BCbrightcyan}ESC j@{n}  $[pad("flush (after scrolling back)",-31)]  @{BCbrightcyan}ESC v@{n}  toggle insert/overwrite mode %; \
    /echo -paCblue $[strrep("=",80)] %; \
    /echo -paCbrightyellow @{BCbrightcyan}CTR+D@{n}  $[pad("delete character",-31)]  @{BCbrightcyan}CTR+T@{n}  transpose characters %; \
    /echo -paCbrightyellow @{BCbrightcyan}CTR+K@{n}  $[pad("delete to end of line",-31)]  @{BCbrightcyan}CTR+U@{n}  delete back to front of line %; \
    /echo -paCbrightyellow @{BCbrightcyan}CTR+W@{n}  $[pad("delete backward word",-31)]  @{BCbrightcyan}CTR+V@{n}  delete forward word (do twice) %; \
    /echo -paCblue $[strrep("=",80)] %; \
    /echo -paCbrightmagenta @{BCbrightcyan}ESC c@{n}  $[pad("capitalize next word",-31)]  @{BCbrightcyan}ESC l@{n}  make next word all lowercase %; \
    /echo -paCbrightmagenta @{BCbrightcyan}ESC u@{n}  $[pad("make next word all uppercase",-31)]  @{BCbrightcyan}ESC .@{n}  input last word of previous line %; \
    /echo -paCblue $[strrep("=",80)]