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Linux Notes

Here is a page with notes on things I break (and fix) or figure out how to do.

OEM Resellers in Australia


  • Logitech Wireless Keyboard and trackpad - no number pad
  • Printer: HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf Multifunction Printer.
  • My phone bluetooth headset and mic is a Plantronics Go 2.
  • My computer bluetooth headset and mic is a Logitech 800.
  • Griffiti Wrist Pads - I LOVE THESE!!! Soft wrist rests with sticky silicone bottoms.
  • SD's and Micro SD's - the 'best' speed you can expect to get is HS Speed Class 3, class 10.

To reset your BackBeat GO/BackBeat GO 2

  1. Press the power button for about 5-6 seconds until the indicator light starts flashing red and blue.
  2. Press the volume up and volume down buttons at the same time. The light flashes rapidly 3 times, and then the headset turns off.
  3. When you turn on the headset, it automatically goes into pairing mode (flashing red and blue) so that you can pair it with your phone or other device.

Gentoo Scratchpad

Here is a Gentoo Scratchpad with various scraps of notes.


I've been toying with the idea of installing FreeBSD when I get a new laptop. I'll throw some random (maybe useful) links here.

Without Systemd

NWN on Linux

The design and team behind the original Neverwinter Nights decided (in their infinite graciousness) to create a Linux client for the game. YAY design team.

Here are some notes on getting the original NWN client up and running on Linux. I bought the Platinum edition of the game after losing one of my expansion disks. Isn't that the way it always happens?

Share Calibre Library Linux and Windows

You could try adding a registry entry for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\kernel\obcaseinsensitive
(dword:0) and see if it helps. I've only used it in conjunction with Cygwin, so I don't know if it'll actually help in your case.

Sound fix for Steam under Wine

Google for "steam linux no sound" (or a similar topic) and you'll find people who have problems with Steam and sound when running under Wine.

In Crossover, go to "Manage Bottles" "Control Panel" "Wine Configuration" and then launch the selected item.

In vanilla Wine, go to Wine Configuration.

  • Click on the "Audio" tab. I put a checkmark next to all the audio drivers (Alsa, OSS, EsounD). Additionally, I set the Hardware acceleration to "Emulation". It's been working for me since.
  • If that doesn't work, disable ALSA, and enable OSS and EsounD. Set hardware acceleration to "Emulation".

Batch Convert of FLV to AVI

quick and dirty (and tested):

(for I in *.flv; do ffmpeg -i "$I" -sameq "${I%.flv}.avi"; done)

If there's no audio, you might need to add -an in the output section (e.g. after -sameq). The parens make it easy to stop and restart the job - you can leave them out if you put it in a shell script.

Setup HMA Pro under Linux with a GUI

I put several ovpn files and the certificates in my /etc/openvpn directory (files originally downloaded from the Hide My Ass site). I edited the ovpn files to remove some unneeded options: show-net-up dhcp-renew dhcp-release

In KDE, open Network Manager and chose Import and then the ovpn file needed.

Connect automatically is blank System Connection is checked

On the VPN tab, set the connection type to: X.509 with password. CA File: /etc/openvpn/keys/ca.crt Certificate: /etc/openvpn/keys/hmauser.crt Key: /etc/openvpn/keys/hmauser.key Key Password: leave blank and set to "not required" in the dropdown. Username: HMA login Password: HMA password put a check mark in show passwords to visually verify password is correct.

IPV4 tab Basic Settings Method: Automatic (VPN)

... and you're done.

Automating Stuff with Cron

Cron is very VERY useful. You can edit the crontab file (where your cron configuration is stored) using "crontab -e".

Here's a way to update Calibre weekly on Sundays at 2:30 am (scheduled during off-peak bandwidth hours at my ISP).

30 2 * * Sun export CALIBRE_INSTALL_DIR="/opt"&& python -c "import urllib2; exec urllib2.urlopen('').read();main()"

Here's a way to push the majority of yum package downloads to the off-peak bandwidth hours. Make sure the yum-downloadonly package is installed on your system before trying this yourself.

0 3 * * * /usr/bin/yum -y update --downloadonly

Logical Volumes

A list of useful commands for logical volume management (all as root):

vgchange -a y
mount /dev/volumegroup/logicalvolume /mnt/somewhere

Hot Cloning a Disk While OS is Running

This should work for linux systems with at least 2 hard drives. Clone drive 1 (running) to drive B (mounted but otherwise empty).

rsync -avhzP 


To share files over ethernet

sshfs notes:

sshfs root@ /mnt/root
sshfs root@ /mnt/boot

Watch Streamed Bluerays with MakeMKV on Linux

   Run the application /usr/bin/makemkv
   Go to File, Open Disc > Select your Blu-Ray drive
   Once MakeMKV finishes opening the blu-ray disc, it will list the titles and file information
   Go to File menu and choose "Stream"
   MakeMKV will  look like "Buffer State" and "File Position" are stuck, but look in the dialog box at the beginning for something similar to: "Operation sucessfully completed. Streaming server started, web server address is..."
   Open VLC and go to Media, Open Network Stream
   Protocol should HTTP, in the address box put http://localhost:51000/stream/title0.ts  The port option should be greyed out.
   Click Play and enjoy your blu-ray movies within Linux

Virtual Desktops

To aways launch particular programs in a specific X window workspaces, use "wmctrl"

 emerge wmctrl

Jolla Notes

N9 Notes

To charge after battery dies. Connect the phone to a computer running the flasher software.

  • Try several times to flash the phone firmware.
  • At some point it will recognize the device and start charging from 0 to 11%,
  • Type CTRL+C while the phone is still at 10%
  • Leave the phone plugged for about 10 more minutes. Keep charging until you can turn the phone on.
  • Once you can turn the phone on, leave it on and let it fully charge.

Wordperfect on Linux

Vampire Bloodlines on Linux

This is one of my favorite RPGs of all time and it has come to Good Old Games. This means I can now run Vampire Bloodlines on Linux without having to fight with Steam's auto-patching.

SWGEmu on Linux

I was able to get the emulator working (again) on Gentoo.

Install Directions on the SWGEmu Forums

My particular notes: I needed to rebuild qtwebkit four times before it would launch. I have no idea why. Sometimes the computer gods are fickle and demanding of extra attention.

In any case, I was able to install both the Windows Emu Launcher, and the Linux Launcher. This allows me to dual box in two separate virtual desktops. One uses a Crossover Install, and the other uses vanilla Wine. When I use CTRL to switch between workspaces, I have to hit CTRL a second time to clear the CTRL toggle in the clients. Other than this quirk, the launchers and client work flawlessly.

I've been working on some Tips for SWGEmu Noobs.

KOTOR on Linux

Good Old Games ( has released both Knights of the Old Republic games through their DRM-free service.

KOTOR on Linux

The Secret World on Linux

The Secret World on Linux

DDO On Linux

DDO On Gentoo Linux

DDO On Fedora Linux

I've been working on some Tips for DDO Noobs.

Eve Online On Linux

Eve Online On Linux

The Long Dark On Linux

The Long Dark On Linux

The Repopulation On Linux

The Repopulation On Linux

Shadowrun Returns on Linux

Shadowrun Returns is available with a native Linux version!

I'll make some notes about the Shadowrun Returns: Shadowrun Unlimited UGC.

Cities: Skylines on Linux

Cities: Skylines has a native linux version. Thumbs up to to the awesome devs at Colossal Order and Paradox publishers for making a game using linux friendly tools. Here are my Tips for Cities: Skylines Noobs.