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;; Antti Pietikäinen (
;; 2005
;; Usage: type "/memo <text>" and it will add text to a memo text file.
;; Type "/memo" and it will print your memo file entries to your screen.
;; Add a line to memo.txt, or show the memos
;; Gwen Morse renamed from /note to /memo and slightly adjusted format
;; to avoid conflict with CrystalMUSH /note code.

/def -F -i memo=\
/if ({#}==0) \
/echo -aB MEMOS:%;\
/echo -aB =====%;\
/quote -S /echo - '"memo.txt"%;\
/echo -aB =====%;\
/else \
/let filehandle=$[tfopen("memo.txt","a")]%;\
/if (filehandle != -1) \
/test tfwrite(filehandle,{*})%;\
/echo % Memo added: %{*}%;\
/test tfclose(filehandle)%;\