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;;; Make pages, multipages, and whispers stand out
;;; Gwen: I like to make my outgoing messages hilighted, as well as the incoming 
;;; ones people send to me. 
;;; To discriminate between them, for outgoing messages I  use the non-bold 
;;; color I choose for the incoming communication of the same type. This mostly 
;;; helps me visually separate any remote conversation from action in 
;;; my location.

;bold cyan color pages
/def -i -p2 -aBCcyan -t'* pages[,:] *' hl_page1
/def -i -p4 -aBCcyan -t'You sense that * is looking for you in *' hl_page2
/def -i -p4 -aBCcyan -t'From afar, *' hl_page3
/def -i -p2 -aCcyan -t'Long distance to *' hl_page4
/def -i -p2 -aCcyan -t'You paged *' hl_page5
/def -i -p2 -aCcyan -t'Room page: *' hl_page6

;bold green multi-pages
/def -i -p3 -aBCgreen -t'* pages (*) *' hl_mpage1
/def -i -p5 -aBCgreen -mregexp -t"(multipages|multi-pages)" hl_mpage2
/def -i -p5 -aCgreen -mregexp -t"(multipage|multi-page)" hl_mpage3
/def -i -p6 -aBCgreen -t'(To: *)' hl_mpage4
/def -i -p4 -aCgreen -t'(To: *) Long Distance, *' hl_mpage5
/def -i -p5 -aCgreen -t'(To: *) * pages: *' hl_mpage6

;bold blue color whispers
/def -i -p2 -aBCblue -t'* whispers[,:] *' hl_whisper1
/def -i -p3 -aBCblue -t'You sense *' hl_whisper2