Realms of Despair

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Realms of Despair

Realms of Despair is a SMAUG (Diku) based MUD created by the author of the SMAUG code base and presumably used as a test site of sorts for new SMAUG features.

It's a fantasy-based world with its own mythology. The reason I picked it was that according to the assorted web and help references it is legal to automate play via a client.

I'm not opposed to either group roleplay or manual solo play. But I did want the option to be able to create Tinyfugue macros that would automate repetitive actions and allow me to improve my macro writing skills. As should hopefully be clear from my macro archives I really enjoy writing macros. These simple programming exercises are a major part of why I've kept playing in online MUs since 1994.

Some MU administrators feel using complex automating macros are just part of the experience. However, the vast majority seem to feel that if you automate activities with macros it's cheating. I don't have any interest in trying to "get around" rules on a game where macros are frowned upon. I chose to find a game where it's neither required nor banned.

Thus, Ginnifer the elf wizard was born.

Newbie Information

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