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My family is a mix of European ethnicities with a bit of Slavic and steppe Asian thrown in. Two of the strongest influences on my palate were Sicilian-Italian and Polish cuisine, as filtered through the changes that occur in every migrant household. Along with that, I was born and half-raised on the West Coast of the United States, then grew up the rest of the way on the East Coast, and lived in several locations up and down the Eastern seaboard. All of these places added something to my list of beloved recipes.

I've moved to Australia and married into a family that's of Irish extraction but with a preference for British food.

I primarily cook and bake in a convection microwave. I was a little nervous when I started using it, now I wouldn't want to cook without it. Here's a nice blog post about it: How to Use a Convection Microwave

I make cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, and even popovers in it. I roast meat and full chickens in it. It's too small to fit a turkey, but it can fit a whole turkey breast.

I use my full sized oven a handful of times a year (mostly to roast turkey).

Holiday Recipes

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Ethnic Recipes

Hot Pot Notes

Southern Recipes

I lived in South Carolina briefly, and while there enjoyed many local dishes. What was most drummed into me was the Southern passion for cooking, which very much mirrored the Italian-American influence in my own family. I have just a few recipes I've learned to make well and I cherish them very much.

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