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I'm familiar with a number of roleplaying systems. Here are some of my documented resources.

World of Darkness

The first, second, and revised editions of the "old" World of Darkness combine together into my favorite setting. Of those, Mage and the old Numina-based hunters are my two favorite groups. However, I have played in every system except Wraith. I even briefly had a Gypsy character.

Dungeons and Dragons

I have a love-hate relationship with D&D. It was the game I started with as an adolescent, but I think so many other rules systems do it better. Still, every now and then I break out a character and have some hack and slash fun.


Talislanta has a wonderfully elegant rule system based around a single 20-sided die (generally agreed to be the inspiration for WoTC's 3E d20 system). This was codified by the now-defunct Morrigan Press into the universal "Omni System". Morrigan Press went out of business, but you can still buy the Omni system rules (and their licensed genre games) from several sources, including online PDF purchase.

There's an Omniverse wiki for fans of the Omni system.

The site is the official home for all things Talislanta.