Shadowrun Returns: Shadowrun Unlimited UGC

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Shadowrun Returns: Shadowrun Unlimited UGC

I play the Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall (Director's Cut) version. The name is kind of awkward but the game itself is AWESOME.

It's designed to be a modding framework so that modders can create their own "UGC" ("User Generated Content") and distribute it to other players. One such player designed add-on is "Shadowrun Unlimited".

This section will be very messy until I figure out an organized method to store all the information.

New Skills

There are a number of new skills and stats in Shadowrun Unlimited that aren't found in the base game.

There are three reputation-based scores. You can pay Frosty to tell you your scores.

  • Street Cred. This is an unofficial title based on how many missions you've run.
  1. Novice. Your rating at the start.
  2. Greenhorn. You have a little experience and have unlocked some of the NPC vendors.
  3. Veteran. I haven't (yet) found anything locked to this status.
  4. Elite. You can hire the last top NPC runner.
  • Notoriety. The NPC "Lone Star" Police will be more likely to attack you if your Notoriety is high.
  • Heat. This causes the NPC "Lone Star" Police to spawn more often if your Heat is high.

There are five Non-Combat Skills.

  • Negotiation. This is how you talk your fixer into paying more money for each run.
  • Lockpicking. This is to open locks that would otherwise need keys.
  • Electronics. This is to rewire or repair electronics. It also opens locks that would otherwise need key cards.
  • Fast Talking. Talking your way past security guards and other NPCs.
  • Stealth. Sneaking behind NPCs who don't have line of sight on you.


Sub Neighborhoods

Shadowrun Unlimited has the following sub-neighborhoods. They can only be reached by walking. Neither the taxi nor Mars go to sub-neighborhoods.

  • Graveyard. To the far west of the Redmond Barrens.
  • Docks. To the far east of the Redmond Barrens and then north.
  • Rat's Nest. To the far east of the Redmond Barrens on the same street as the Wyvvern's Tooth.


Fixers are your sources of in-game information, "runs" (missions), contacts, and money. Most of a shadowrunner's life revolves around their fixer.

NPC Vendors

NPC Runners

There are some other shadow runners you can hire to join you on jobs.

The next one is a special case. You can only hire him if you have Elite Street Cred.

  • Trent. A mage that lives in the Skeleton Club on the Northside. Rate: 200Y+15%.


There are three ways to move around the map locations.

  • Walk. Your feet are always free.
  • Taxi. You can pay 25Y to drive to any neighborhood.
  • Mars. Mars is a NPC driver who will transport runners to run locations not linked to the main map. He costs 250Y a trip. Mars is unlocked in a storyline mission for Frosty.

Safe Houses

  • Stoker's Coffin Hotel. Redmond Barrens. No money down and 75Y rent. The cheapest in the UGC. A bed, a Stash link, and a bad view.
  • Albino Dragon Apartments. Redmond Barrens. 600Y down and 125Y rent. A bed, a Stash link, a Matrix jack, and a small Drone Repair terminal. The terminal builds Small Drone Repair kits for 75Y each.
  • Tarislar Gardens Apartments. Downtown. 1250Y down and 250Y rent. A bed, a Stash link, a Matrix jack, and a Medium Drone Repair terminal. The terminal builds Small Drone Repair kits for 75Y and Medium Drone Repair kits for 125Y.
  • Empty Warehouse. The Puyallup Barrens. 10,000Y down and 200Y rent. It's empty when purchased. You can buy upgrades that customize it to your play style.

My Characters

Since it's _my_ wiki I get to talk about my characters. I have two I'm running through the main storyline.

  • Skittles. Decker's Decker (ie: Decking is her main focus).
  • Cowgirl Jessie. A mage. But I love decking so she has a cyberjack implanted.