Simple Singer Macros

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/def -i -T"" -p10 -aBCyellow -t'You sense this vein is almost empty.' hl_claim

;;; Shepherd Macro
;;; '/shep <name>' <name=name of Sheep> :)

/def -T"" shep = \
/send -w @pemit me=Don't forget to +mail Lydander and Samira about the Shepherd contract. %;\
/send -w :says with only the slightest hint of the native Taal'en trill, "Rrecording on." After a slight pause, she continues "Ssudia Chok'toth. Entering shepherd contract with [name(num(*%*))] in accordance with Section 53, paragraphs 1 through 5. Singer [name(num(*%*))] is aware of the fact that [subj(num(*%*))] is entitled to nothing that may be cut under Singer Chok'toth's direction and guidance. Singer [name(num(*%*))] is entitled to remain at Singer Chok'toth's claim or claims for at least two working days. " %;\
/send -w :says "Singer [name(num(*%*))] will never attempt to return to said claims under Section 49, paragraphs 7, 9, and 14. I, Ssudia Chok'toth, affirm and avow to provide instruction for at least two days to this singer, as specified, above and beyond any bonus I may receive." She takes a breath and then motions %* to her side, "[name(num(*%*))], do you also affirm and avow, under the strict penalties imposed by the Heptite Guild that you will adhere to the strictures of the relevant sections and paragraphs cited herein?" %;\

; Start Autopilot flying
/def -F -T"*" -t'Course set.  To invoke, do a *' autopilot_on = \
   /send -w autopilot on

; recharge lamp (in Equipment room)
/def -F -T"" lamp = \
     /send display lamps %;\
     /send +buy vendor=2 %;\
     /send @wait 1=recharge lamp %;\

; scanner quickies
; '/scanner on' or '/scanner off'
/def -F -T"" scanner = \
      /if ({*}=~"off")\
         /send -w stabilizer off %;\
         /send -w erase scan map %;\
         /send -w deactivate scan map %;\
      /elseif ({*}=~"on")\
         /send -w erase scan map %;\
         /send -w activate scan map %;\
      /else \

/def -F -T"" -t'The fluid has become rather unpleasantly cold.*' refill_bath = \
   /send -w refill bath

/def -F -T"" -t'You slide into the tub, forcing your sore muscles to move just a bit more.' resonance_tub = \
   /send -w +resonance

;;; Grab a special order chit as it comes out.
/def -F -T"*" -t'You hear a low clattering in the terminal*' SO_chit = \
   /send -w take chit

;;;/def -F -T"*" -aBCred -t'You hear the clattering of the terminal*' SO_chit2 = \
;;;   /send -w take chit

;;; Type '/pack <identifier>' where <identifier> is a way to identify the crystal
;;; (dbref, shape, size, color, etc), and you will manually "get" it and "pack" it
;;; (if you have a carton).

/def -F -T"*" pack = \
/send -w get %* %;\
/send -w give carton=%*

;;; Speeds up unpack commands
;;; usage: "/unpack <carton #>"

/def -F -T"*" unpack = \
/send -w drop carton %* - Ssudia %;\
/send -w unpack carton %* - Ssudia

;;; Handy little macro that sends <name> carton to Cargo storage while in front of a CS Conveyer.
;;; '/cargo <carton name>'
;;; '/shed <carton name>'
/def -F -T"*" cargo = \
/send -w send %* to cargo conveyor %;\
;;; The same as above except for the Shed.
/def -F -T"*" shed = \
/send -w send %* to shed conveyor %;\

;;; CrystalMUSH auto-remove carton
;;; By Gwen Morse (gwen dot morse at gmail dot com)
;;; This looks to see if you're dropping a carton into your sled. If so, it will remove the
;;; next carton by number and have you pick it up. Very handy when emptying claims. Less handy if
;;; you don't WANT another carton :).
;;; To break the loop leave the sled and then give it the carton. Then enter the sled and restow or take off.

/def -T"" -F -mregexp -t"^Carton ([0-9]) - Ssudia is loaded in to the sled." cm_carton = \
  /set carton_count=$[{P1}+1] %;\
  /if (carton_count<=10) \
  /send -w remove carton %;\
  /send -w take carton %{carton_count} - Ssudia %;\
  /else \

; CrystalMUSH Cutter Overheat emits
/def -i -F -T"" -p55 -abBCyellow -mregexp -t"^(You smell something beginning to overheat|The cutter abruptly powers down|The cutter housing feels warm to the touch|The cutter emits a low whine during the cut)" cm_overheat

; CrystalMUSH Cutter Powerdown emits
/def -i -F -T"" -p55 -abBCyellow -mglob -t'The cutter\'s tone seems uncertain, like it\'s running low on power.' cm_powerdown