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The Secret World on Linux


I'll be using PlayOnLinux since it gives me a friendly GUI as well as access to later versions of Wine than Crossover.

To get started:

  • Create a new 32-bit bottle of the 1.8.3 wine build.
  • Install d3dcompiler_43, and d3dx9_43 components.
  • Allow PlayOnLinux to install Microsoft fonts if it asks.
  • Install using the standalone installer. Steam's installer bundle is old and can be flaky, even under Windows.
  • Allow TSW installer to to install Direct X. This includes extra .dll's not included in the Wine version.

Once the game is installed, allow PlayOnLinux to create a launcher for PatcherSetup.exe.

The game runs well for me under these settings, although textures are a bit simple/ugly. Still, I get decent FPS rates and can do stealth/evasion parts of missions without lagging to death.

TSW Noob Hints and Tricks

I'm not sure I want to do a whole noob page, but I'll note various useful things here.

Outside Links

Here is a link to the forums:

More Outside Links:

My First Three Months

Month One

I tried a number of weapons and at first settled on Fist, Blood, and Blade. This allows me a combination of healing (my primary interest) and DPS for soloing. Blade and Blood each combine nicely with Fist.

For the starter decks I like Cage Master (it's basically the My First 60 Survival build linked below), and Haruspex (Blood/Chaos).

For the Templar Faction decks I'm unlocking Exorcist (Fist/Blood healer) and Preacher (Blood/Blade DPS)

I already feel like my points are spread too thin but once I get into the good experience zones I plan on leveling Chaos and adding it to my arsenal.

End of Month One. Once I hit Egypt the AP and SP were flowing like water. The difference was quite surprising. I was able to buy an even dozen outer ring Elite abilities.

Month Two

At the tail end of my first month I bought the Grandmaster lifetime subscription.

I made it through Egypt and Transylvania. In general the content was pretty easy. However, there was at least one big battle in each zone that was a personal nightmare.

I finally stalled trying to get to Tokyo, doing the Venice transitional mission. There are some laser beams I have to be able to sneak through, but I lag too badly to get to the end of the run.

Month Three

I spent half of my third month alternately trying to finish Venice is Sinking, to get to Tokyo, and the other half repeating previous content to farm skill points. I unlocked all the starter and elite decks, and started working on the Templar decks.

I also farmed all the auxiliary weapons except the Rocket Launcher (I was having lag issues and couldn't do the stealthy parts), and began unlocking the skills for each.

However, I also decided to stop booting into Windows to play The Secret World. For now, I decided to let my points stack up to buy new content packs as they're released, but wait until I can get a better computer and try again. Having bought the lifetime membership took a lot of pressure off me to fight my way through slow/laggy play.


I ordered a new laptop in August 2016. I got gentoo up and running, and got TSW installed, but I couldn't get my addons to load.

Today, November 7th, they finally loaded. I have no idea what I did but I'm glad. I couldn't play without Viper's Deck Manager.

Decks I Like


I'm making some progress on the Elite healing deck, I have 6 actives and 3 passives unlocked. Unfortunately for me the passives are very expensive and each in different trees.




Here are some discussions on summoning decks that I can go back to later to build my own:

My Decks

These are decks that I consider my own builds, although they were obviously influenced by other people.

Update October 2016: I returned after a long break and there's been a big update to the combat mechanics. When I first fiddled with these decks, passives that trigger small effects either as a proc or on expiration weren't very good. After the combat update, "everyone" seems to use them. Passives like Gross Anatomy are now a fundamental part of deck design.

I'll go through and tweak the decks when I have some time. In the meantime, if this line is still here I haven't updated my builds.

DoTing the DoTs

I've been refining this over time. My goal is to play with the damage over time element of Afflictions to build a solid farming deck.

Wolverine at Range Deck (Passive Healing)



"If you start down the branch that leads to Kingsmouth, at the first portal that would shoot you to the Kingsmouth platform stop before taking that portal. Look to your left. There is a portal you can take that appears to shoot you off into space. It'll take you to another branch, one with 2 forks. Take the left fork to the end. Say hi to the Gatekeeper." Source


Talisman Split For Survival Decks

While you can set up your Talismans to be all DPS for survival builds, it's actually recommended to mix in a Heal and Hit Point item to improve your survivability.

A good starting split is to have your Head or a Major be Healing, one Minor be Healing, and one Major for Hit points. The rest should be DPS.

I have a Major healing in my neck, a Major hit point, and the rest is DPS.

Getting Purple Custom Gear

You can buy purple custom items from the Nightwatch vendors (and buy upgrade kits). Or you can farm some pieces by doing full quest chains. Some of these chains can be repeated for extra xp and additional set items.

  • Issue 5: Signet Bags (signets are used to upgrade purple gear). Repeatable.
  • Issue 6: The Last Train to Cairo. Purple Head piece. Repeatable.
  • Issue 7: A Dream To A Kill. Purple Neck piece. Repeatable.
  • Issue 8: The Venetian Agenda. Purple Waist piece.
  • Issue 9: The Black Signal. Purple Finger piece.

There are also vendors in the areas that sell the Issue items for Black Bullion.

You can get a set of 'gold' neck Talismans (better than Purple) by buying the game The Park and linking it to your Secret World account. This is the Woodcutter set.

Note: You don't really need to farm Issue 7 if you have the Woodcutter set, unless you want a separate custom neck item.