Trapper Cleric for DDO

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Trapper Cleric For DDO

Cleric-Rogue builds are rather rough to play, and not for the faint of heart (or the actual new player). If you have a character that's been through at least one life and has access to decent cleric and rogue gear (Cannith Crafting is always useful here), then you can give one a whirl.

Caveats: You want at least +2 a tome for Intelligence (Wisdom and Dexterity will also help if you can also get those). Try to apply the Intelligence tome on an earlier life, or at very low levels on the same life to avoid losing out on leveling skill points.

Basic Stats

Starting Attributes:

  • Str: 8
  • Dex: 16
  • Int: 16
  • Wis: 16
  • Con: varies (depends on build points)
  • Cha: 8


  • 1-Wizard Past Life or Toughness
  • 3-Maximize
  • 6-Empower Healing
  • 9-Empower
  • 12-Quicken
  • 15-Spell Focus: Evocation
  • 18-Mental Toughness or Greater Spell Focus: Evocation

Stat Notes

At low levels, like every other caster class, you want to be swinging a sword. If you're on an elf or half-elf, take either Sovereign Host (longsword proficiency) or the elvish Undying Court (Scimitar use). This build could also work with a drow (using the leftover skill points to supplement their low Constitution).

I like to play half-elves. On this build I'd take Barbarian Dilettante (If you end up with at least 13 Constitution) or Wizard Dilettante (for the nice selection of wizard scrolls and wands). On a human you get an extra feat and an extra skill point each level.

If I have a +3 Int tome on a particular character, I make sure their starting Intelligence is an odd number (15 in this case). This makes the lower levels even harder as they start out 1 lower skill point than a 16 Intelligence build, but it means the last Tome increase isn't wasted.

I really like the Past Life: Wizard active feat. The ten Magic Missiles per rest that can be boosted by nearly all the meta-magic feats are an awesome asset in any caster's toolbox. That's one of the reasons I take Maximize so early (the other being it boosts a cleric's burst). If you have a wizard life I highly recommend taking it on your first Rogue level as it will help balance the rogue splash.

1st level: Take rogue. Take 4 points of Open Locks, 4 points of Search, 4 points of Spot, 4 points of Disable Device, and 1 point of Tumble. If you have any points left, stick them in Jump, and then whatever other skills you like.

2nd - 12th level Cleric. You're going to take cleric levels until you get the 6th level spell Blade Barrier (take it ASAP). Each level spend 2 skill points in Disable Device, 2 skills points in Search, and 2 skill points in Spot. If you don't have enough points to put 2 into Spot, put 1 into Heal or Spellcraft (depending on your play style). Open Locks doesn't need more than 4-5 skill points, total, if you get proper gear for your level.

13th level - Rogue. You finally get Evasion. Things go from "painful" to "smooth sailing". Dump every skill point you can into Seach, Spot, and Disable Device. If you have any left over, put them in Heal.

14-20 Cleric to epic levels.

Put all level-up Attribute points into Wisdom.

The cleric feats you 'need' are: Maximize, Empower, Empower Healing, and Quicken. With these you can get the most from your two strongest healing SLAs, the Radiant Aura and the Radiant Burst. They also boost the Divine Disciple SLAs, and are useful with Epic Destiny SLAs.

Play Notes

You're going to be highly dependent on your Radiant SLA's for healing. Take every meta-magic feat that boosts Radiant Burst and Radiant Aura. With a 16 starting Wisdom, and 18 eventual cleric levels, you're in pretty good shape for being a caster cleric. Your DCs will be a little low, but not horrible. This means you can throw out some necro spells, or make heavy use of Blade Barrier (once you get it). Implosion is still likely to fire off and kill things (expect 3-4 deaths instead of the full 5). With a little help from your gear, you can be a moderately effective caster, along with a healer and trapper. Don't dump Wisdom. Nearly the worst cleric-ing advice I ever listened to was to 'dump Wisdom if you can't start with an 18. BIG MISTAKE. 16 is "close enough" for heroic and friendly epic play.

You need to make sure to put every skill point you can into your core rogue skills: Spot, Search, and Disable Device.

If you have Gauntlets of Eternity, they make a nice swap item with your trapping gloves (GoA give both Devotion and a boost to your Heal skill). You also want to make sure you have good Attribute-boosting gear as these will help both your cleric spells and your rogue skills: Wisdom boosts Spot, Intelligence boosts Disable Device, Dexterity boosts Open Locks.

With enough investment in tomes and gear, this actually becomes a pretty sweet build. It gives a Divines trying to burn through 3 cleric and/or 3 Favored Soul lives some utility. Trapping can be worth 10-30% extra XP, and you gain evasion and only lose a little bit of DC casting potential. The fundamentals of the character are also useful if you want to do a "Pale Trapper" (a self-healing wizard trapper), except you take 18 Intelligence and just enough Wisdom to keep your Spot viable.

As a nice bit of synergy a cleric can cast "Detect Traps" on themselves, for a bonus to their Search roll.

The build can be adapted to a Trapper Favored Soul, or Trapper Druid, or Trapper Wizard. The key elements are the 16/16/16 Attribute split (with the 'rest' in Constitution), and not taking the 2nd level of rogue until you get your bread-and-butter damage spell. For clerics and Favored Souls, this is Blade Barrier. For Druids, it's probably Ice Storm or Wall of Fire or something related. For Wizards, it's Wall of Fire.

Weapon Variations

Even a trapper-healer needs to be able to do damage sometimes. Here are some variations:

  • Throw a few enhancement points in the Divine Disciple tree for the nice Nimbus of Light and Searing Light SLAs. Use the meta-magic feats you took for your healing SLAs to do double-duty on damage SLAs.
  • Worship the Silver Flame and pick up a bow. Find a spare gear slot to boost the sneak attack damage you get as a rogue. Tharne's Goggles is a really nice choice as it boosts Search/Spot and gives a bonus to Sneak Attack damage. Grab a named bow with an expanded critical range, I like the Silver Longbow. The Silver Longbow is useful right up to level 19/20, and you can put a spellpower augment into the red slot. Note that bows are VERY weak without building as an arcane archer, so this is purely as a way to pick off weaklings at distance, or to pull mobs into range of your insta-kill spells.
  • Throw a few enhancement points into the Mechanic tree and pick up a repeating crossbow or great crossbow. It won't be as impressive as an artificer with all the feats, but it isn't bad. If you have enough skill points for UMD you can buy scrolls that let you create magic bolts at need.
  • Go Radiant Servant and Warpriest and Acrobat: Pick up a quarterstaff. Get your full Radiant Aura (30 ap), put exactly as many enhancement points in the Warpriest tree as you need to get the healing smite, and put the rest into the first two tiers of Acrobat. There are some really nice low and mid level quarterstaves that have two augment slots, and do a bit of extra damage (expanded critical range, higher multiplier, larger base damage die, etc.) You can use the two augment slots for spellpower augments and go to town beating up mobs.