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To have rxvt working, I put a copy of rxvt.exe in the main Tinyfugue directory. I keep a copy of each cygwin .dll and .exe file I 'need' for Tinyfugue, in the main Tinyfugue directory itself. This should not cause any cygwin conflicts, as long as you don't have different versions of cygwin1.dll on your system.

To get things copied over correctly, open a regular windows cmd shell. Paste a copy of rxvt.exe from the cygwin install into your main tinyfugue directory. Type "rxvt.exe" in the Windows cmd shell. It will probably give you an error that some .dll is missing. Copy this over to the Tinyfugue directory from the cygwin install. Repeat until rxvt opens.

Once rxvt is working, from the Windows cmd shell type "tf.exe". Copy missing exe files and/or .dll files from the cygwin install until Tinyfugue opens.

Once both open via the Windows cmd shell, edit this script to point to the Tinyfugue directory on your local system, drop a copy in that directory, and run the .bat file. You should have Tinyfugue running in rxvt at this point.

@echo off
chdir /cygdrive/E/Tf
start rxvt.exe -sr -sl 10000 -fg white -bg black -geometry 80x20 -fn fixedsys -fb fixedsys -tn cygwin -e /cygdrive/E/Tf/tf.exe -n %1 -L/cygdrive/E/Tf/tf-lib