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Verron IV Project Page

This page is a reference for those interested in working on projects for the Chancellor builder of Verron IV, on the TinyMUSH game of CrystalMUSH

Projects Waiting to be Filled

Job One:

Clothing descriptions for a store vendor. What's wanted? Everything from casual wear to high fashion. Men's clothing and women's. 'Boring' tunics and pants (or jumpsuits) in basic fabrics NEED NOT BE SUBMITTED. I want clothes in 'futuristic'/'wild' textures and fabrics. Spandex and latex patterned with holograms. Glowing fiber-optic cable used as piped trim. Exotic furs and feathers pieced together. Reptillian-scaled leathers. Hair-thin metallic wires extruded and wrapped around colored thread cores to make 'cloth of silver' or 'cloth of gold' tissue. Gauzes, linens, and cottons with broken twill weaves picked out in different colors of thread. Silks spun by intellegent catepillars marked with the holy scripture of a backwater planet. Anyone can write a standard clothing wardrobe, I want to be able to offer *unique* fashions.

Payment: Each female outfit I accept will pay 500 credits. Masculine outfits pay 600 credits.

Job Two:

I've been putting up lots of requests for descs, and none for code. To give those who are more mathematical than lyrical a shot at earning's my latest request: I'd like someone to code some drinking commands, for wine. (HINT HINT: Anyone playing a Vintner on a PernMUSH, or, knows someone whose a Vintner, you can reuse code ;)). It must be all self-contained on one "object", with one command to list the wines in the item, one command to pour/serve the wine of choice, and one command to drink the wine of choice. It should track drinkers by dbref and clear itself if they leave the room or finish their drink. Each wine has 4 descriptions and the drink code should cycle through those in numerical order (using extract or another comporable function). What does it pay: 3000 credits.

Job Three:

I'd like someone to write a little check to be set on a room (@aenter) to see if it's "night" (use the in-game Ballybran time of day). If so, then, it should provide an attribute to let folks know they have mints on their pillows (two mints). Then, they should write an "eat mint" command that emits to the whole room a cute message that So-and-So has eaten a yummy mint. There should be a tracker attribute that checks to make sure that no more than 2 mints are eaten at night. It would reset the next time the room is entered and it's both night, AND, more than 9 hours in seconds since the LAST time it reset :). Payment: 1000 credits.